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Monday, October 11, 2010


I am sure many of you have seen the pink ribbon around and the talk of Breast Cancer. Maybe know some one or yourself with breast cancer. I felt it was important to post about it this week. I myself am a 1 year and 4 months Breast Cancer Survivor. I have 3 young children that had to go through something that children shouldn't have to go through. Watching their mom go through chemo and surgeries. So many woman are going through Breast Cancer and we really need help to find cures and to help educate young people. I thought I would post some sites that we could help even if it's a small thing like one click, everything helps.
I like this one Cat nap for a cause.
Save lids
There are so many ways to help out.
There is a contest going on with a breast cancer mini kit and layouts need votes.
Other ways to help is making positive cards to help someone get through chemo. It does help. Even a mini book of positive sayings they can take to chemo with them to read when it gets tough. You can use one of Kiki Halberts kits to help with that. I like Burst Into Spring
It's a beautiful kit.
Thanks for reading and thanks for all you do to help others with BC.
Have a wonderful day.


Sharon's blog said...

Wow Mary, how courageous you are and to have to deal with this at a young age.