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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm having a CT call!
I'm looking for guests and permanent members - newbies, please apply! I've found some great new digital scrapbookers in the past and have loved to see them get better and better! Please email me at
if you are interested in more information. I've been designing for a year, and have a great team that you'll be joining! There's lots of fun to be had very soon with new challenges that I'll be running too. Just apply! It doesn't hurt, I promise.

Monday, August 13, 2007

It's official! My hubby is now, starting today,
a permanent resident of Canada!

It's not really sunk in yet. We had an immigration interview this morning about his daughter being on his application. Her mom will not cooperate and have her examined, so she had to be removed from his application in order to finalize it. I should say, he doesn't have custody, and our intent was not to have her come live with us, but should there be any change in her family arrangement and my husband were to get custody, then if she weren't on the application, we wouldn't have ever been able to bring her here. As it is, the possibility has been left open for a later time, if she ever decides she'd like to come and stay.

But while at the interview, the immigration officer informed us that his medical results were about to expire. But that she could grant him permanent resident status today if we paid the fee. Everything's finished! 2 years and 3 months after our wedding, and we can finally begin to live without having this hanging over our heads!

I'm ecstatic!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wow! It's been far too long since I've blogged! Here's an update on me.

Summer's here in full force and I'm just getting back from my vacation. It was wonderful. So relaxing. We went camping in Algonquin Park, which I love. To me, no place on earth is more delightful. We left on the Sunday so that we would avoid the weekend crowd. So we set up camp quickly and then got our firewood, and started a nice fire for the evening. Sleeping in the park is so peaceful, except when you have bunches of kids around. But that's not what woke me at 3 a.m. - we had the pleasure of waking to the sound of wild wolves. It was thrilling. Normally on Thursday nights they have a public wolf howl, which is where I expected to hear the wolves, not on Sunday! It was thrilling! So we went off to the visitor centre the next day and reported hearing them, got Paul a book on Algonquin Park, which he loves, and had a quick bite before going back. We spent a lot of our time there just staying at the site, reading and relaxing. No phones, internet, family. *sigh*

We did go on a nice hike, and I got some great shots of a few amazing beaver ponds and wilderness. I don't know why, but I do take a lot of nature shots. Paul took a few shots of me cooking my first sausages over a campfire. Don't laugh.

I did get the most amazing book for the trip - That's Life by Nic Howard. It's amazing. It's all about how to find inspiration in the everyday and scrap the silly things like what you'll do with that last banana, or for me, maybe about Paul chasing the cat around the apartment with a watergun after the cat. If you lived here, you'd understand. It's about scrapping the little things that come up when you have those "remember when" conversations years down the road.

So I'm going to start a C'est la vie Challenge - French for That's Life. I think I'll make it bi-weekly, maybe monthly. But look for it. It should be fun, and a little different!

And now, for news on me....I'm not at 3scrapateers anymore! Nope, sorry. You won't find my designs there. It was a great site, don't get me wrong. But an opportunity came up that I could not refuse. Thanks to Kim Higueria for her amazing gift to me! I'm now at SBE!! My first products have just been released. Some old some new. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve for next week too!

So here's a new goodie in store, Craft Basket Finds:

I hope you like it! There will be a quick page album coming soon, so look for it! And if you REALLY like it, leave me a comment and we'll hook you up *wink*!