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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wow, hard to believe it's almost here. On April 1st, I'll be hosting the blog carnival for digital scrapbooking! I'm so excited about it. There are some great articles and tutorials that people have submit. If you find any others that you would like included in this carnival, please submit them via the widget on the right of my blog. It's easy as pie to do, and so many people will appreciate it.

Well, I've been surfing around the web a bit and have found some interesting new things. Have you seen the Sunshine Girls blog yet? It's awesome. What a great group of designers! I absolutely love the kits that they are producing. Something just says wonderful when I look at them. They are full of whimsy and style! Check them out! And they are having a CT Call. Get in on this one gals! Don't forget to participate in their challenge this week! You can get this fun kit for playing:

I've found a few designers that are going to fill up my Kaboodle soon! Ellie Lash has a fresh style that I just love. Where has she been? Well at least I'm glad I found her now.

Plain Digital Wrapper is doing something really cool right now, and you should definitely check it out! Build Your Own Grab Bag!

How cool is that?

And if you've been like me, you've been dying to try hybrid but don't know where to start. Well check out Digital Scrapbooking TV. Jen Caputo and team show you from start to finish how to do a hybrid layout. Very cool stuff.

So that's what I've found this week. Come back and check out the blog carnival on April 1st. People who visit, and give me their honest comments about the carnival will be entered into a draw for a $10 GC at my store at SBE or PDW (winner's choice). And if you've loved the carnival and submit a new article for the next carnival, you'll be entered in a draw for $10 Paypal money. Let's keep this resource alive and kicking for all to enjoy!

If you've been keeping up with me, I'm moving this weekend, so things are a little slower for me at my stores, but there's nothing stopping you from having an amazing weekend!! And have a great week!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well the blog carnival is going smashingly well! We have lots of new hosts, and so far we have a few very interesting articles that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Be sure to submit an article when you find something that will be of interest to digital scrapbookers. Just use the widget on the right side of my blog, where it says "Submit an Article" and fill in the information. Don't forget that you need the link to the actual article and not the link to the blog.

Thanks and looking forward to what you will all submit!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well, exciting news all! I'm the new owner of the digiscrapping blog carnival! What's a blog carnival? It's a fun collection of interesting resources, tutorials and articles about digital scrapbooking, all hosted on a blog.

Here's a tutorial about how to submit an article, tutorial or resource to the blog carnival. You can submit articles here, or use the widget on the right bar of my blog, or go here.

This is an awesome opportunity to get some resources, tutorials and trends listed - which can help you and fellow scrappers, as well as designers, find resources in just a few clicks.

I hope that you'll submit the latest cool article, tutorial or resource that you found!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Well it's been an up and down week. We are getting ready for our move at the end of the month, and I'm already tired of packing. That and visitors tromping all over our apartment to see if they want to lease it. Ugh.

So while it's been hard, I've been having fun designing my latest kit: FIERCE! I hope you like:

Fierce is perfect for your rocker chicks or rebels! Dark, grungy and full of tribal influence. Comes with a barbed wire photomat that can be used as a clipping mask on any paper to give your paper a rebellious tone. 8 grungy 12x12 papers designed at 300 dpi with lots of texture and blending. 2 tribal flourish cut-outs, 2 grosgrain ribbons printed with barbed wire, a tribal rusty frame, rusted barbed wire page border, and 3 large tribal brads will all give your teen layouts an edge. And for the rocker chick, there's also a tribal heart tag, and torn and tattered flower. Rounding out the kit is a paper label, old journal paper, clustered frame, old paper frame, foil leaves, and an old staple and paper clip.

You'll find it at my store at Plain Digital Wrapper. It's one of my first full kits there, so enjoy!