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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well, exciting news all! I'm the new owner of the digiscrapping blog carnival! What's a blog carnival? It's a fun collection of interesting resources, tutorials and articles about digital scrapbooking, all hosted on a blog.

Here's a tutorial about how to submit an article, tutorial or resource to the blog carnival. You can submit articles here, or use the widget on the right bar of my blog, or go here.

This is an awesome opportunity to get some resources, tutorials and trends listed - which can help you and fellow scrappers, as well as designers, find resources in just a few clicks.

I hope that you'll submit the latest cool article, tutorial or resource that you found!


Claudi said...

wow how cool! congrats Kiki

Barb said...

Very cool, Kiki! Congrats!

Carolyn said...

Congrats!! Hope you have fun : ) I'll be sure to check back and see what's shakin' here : )

Jane said...

Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy the Carnival and get lots of support!

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Glad you are keeping the carnival going!! Congratulations and good luck! Lets hope you get lots of support!!