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Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm in love. It's true! I fell in love with these papers that I made up yesterday. The old world elegance of the floral designs just spoke to me. What better way to spice up an otherwise plain solid paper, than to add a touch of these beautiful ladies of the fields.

I was so inspired this spring by the delight and beauty that flowers bring to my world, that I wanted to share some of that delight, some of that wonder, with you! I hope you enjoy them and show off your special people with these papers. They are rich with texture...when you print them you'll see the old paper texture to them, adding to their ability to be used for awesome heritage or vintage layouts. Enjoy them, and I hope you feel the sunshine on your face from these papers.

As usual, these papers are only available at Thanks for looking!


Emma said...

Blog train, I love these papers wow they are yummy and I fell in love with them too.

Melissa said...

Lovely papers.