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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ah, it's been a sad week. It always seems that life gets back to 'normal' too quickly after the holidays. Or even worse, it gets busier. So what inevitably happens in January is...I have to find more team members. So you should be seeing a call for my CT coming out very soon.

We have had the weirdest weather here for the past week. It's gone up to 11 degrees Celsius for nearly a week, so all the snow that we received before January (which incidentally was actually more than we got all of last winter), is almost all gone again. Wow. It's really hard to believe. And almost on the 10th anniversary of the famous Ice Storm that had hundreds without access to their homes for weeks. I just hope that we don't have a sudden cold snap. At least today there is some sunshine!

And it's time for me to start scrapping the past 2.5 years with my hubby so that I can get my Shutterfly book ready in time for our visit out West to see his parents in May. I want to try and get a book made for them, and possibly his brother as well. Much of the book will be our wedding and reception, since they couldn't come. So with that in mind, you might very well see a new wedding kit from me shortly.

I hope you have a great week!


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

It always seems like it's one extreme or the other after the holidays, doesn't it? Either really busy or very slow.

Good luck with your call! Hope you find some really talented ladies for your great designs!

Have a great day Kiki!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

We're having the weird weather here too. Record setting 70 degrees on Monday, they're predicting snow on Sunday. There's no winning here in winter. Good luck with your CT call. Just when I swear to cut back on my CT's commitiments. sheesh, my timing is always wrong. But thanks for the great RAK earlier in the week. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

I just seems to get busier and not wind down....hope things get back to normal!!! Have a great day!!!!

Carolyn said...

Oh I hope you stay warm. It's been pretty cold here in WA lately too.

Good luck with your call. I'm currently hosting one for ScrappyCats as part of my new Designers Assistant business. I'm having loads of fun with it : )