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Sunday, June 22, 2008

What a week!

Well, it's been quite the week for me. Earlier this week, we found out from our bank that we had been defrauded of every penny in our bank account. Fortunately the bank is insured and we got our money back by Friday. Phew! Why am I telling you this? As a public announcement to be careful where you use your bank cards. Do not use just any ATM in any mall. Be safe. Use only bank machines that are connected to banks, and have security cameras. It is an unfortunate reality of the times we live in, but yes, common criminals now have a means of getting your personal information, including bank accounts and PINs from using a very tiny card reader that they can insert in any bank machine. So be careful out there folks.

Now, since my week ended on a better note than it started, I wanted to show you a little freebie that you can find at Plain Digital Wrapper this week, because I'm the Featured Designer there this week. So on top of the freebie, you'll find my products on sale there too. I hope you enjoy this little gift. It's a nice soft mini-kit that would be awesome to use for nature layouts.

Come and get it here.

On another note, this week, I hit a milestone. My late 30s will be over. I'm getting older. It's sad when you wake up on Sunday morning, turn on the radio, and find that your favourite songs from the 80s are now being called "oldies". But I've heard some pretty awesome, strong women say that life gets better in your 40s. I have a feeling it's true. In your 40s, you have life experience. Hopefully you know what you want out of life, and what you are willing to take, and what you aren't willing to take. You become more assertive (not aggressive) I suppose. And that's always a good thing.

So I hope that you've enjoyed your weekend, and that you'll have an even more amazing week!


thumper6423 said...

Glad your bank was able to get you your money back quickly. I'd have a coronary if I found my bank account empty.

Beth Nixon said...

It's true . . . my 40s are the best, most confident time of my life!! You'll love them!

Good your bank was able to get your money back. That is WAY scary!

Gina.Maria said...

Thanks for the PSA!