Kiki Halbert Designs

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Snowy Day with a Cherry on Top!

Well, we managed to miss Snowmaggedon. It passed just South-West of here, so we only got about 15 centimetres. Go figure. And today is a gloriously sunny day, but as is typical of this area, when it's sunny, it's a biting cold day. I mean feel your nose hairs freeze the moment you step out of the door kind of day. So while I hunkered down in my warm apartment this weekend, I worked on some more watercoloured papers. Here are my latest, Cherries Jubilee.

As sweet as its name, the "Cherries Jubilee" paper pack is a beautiful addition to your scrapbook stash. With subtle texture and marbled beauty, this pack features eight papers in gorgeous hues of purples, violets, tans and creams. Great for heritage, romantic and many other pages, you'll love the sweetly delicious "Cherries Jubilee".
I hope you enjoy them!