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Friday, February 20, 2009

Thrilled that the weekend is here!

I'm so geared up for this weekend. I am dying to do some scrapbooking, and also get a few things designed as well...I have all these ideas, swimming around my head, and I have to get them on to paper before they disappear.

Well, Obama's visit here yesterday was quite uneventful, other than the traffic it caused. All the same, it's nice to see that he appreciated our city. I've always thought it's a nice place to live. I'm hoping to take the puppy for a long walk soon, to a park nearby, but with the Winterlude festival on, there are just too many distractions for him to walk with any kind of determination, unless he pulls to run. Well, he might have to wait a little while.

Sunday is a day I'm looking forward to. Symphony comes out at Scrapbook-Elements, and I'll get to delight in all the beautiful layouts. Check out what CT member, Cate, did with it, as a card for her grandfather.

I hope you enjoy the weekend as much as I will.