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Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Time and Lost Mojo

Hello everyone! This is Dawn/Winkasheart posting my first time ever on Kiki's blog! And today I thought I would talk about Summer and how busy we all get, taking tons of photos of all the events and places we go during this most busy time for a lot of us. The kids are out of school and it seems like we are constantly on the go.

And then when we do get a moment to scrap, our mojo has up and taken it's own vacation on us. The nerve! Hopefully, with the following tips, I can help you get past that and entice your mojo to come back to ya and forget about time off, lol.

I will start with the most common thing to do and that is to go gallery browsing. I like to look at all the different pages created and let them inspire me. It can be the page design which leads to a scrap lift, or maybe it's the title that prompts me to make a page, or the colors, or the photos. Just let the ideas come to you and write them down and then you have a short list of ideas to start with.

Another thing to do is to just take photos. Lots and lots of photos, of anything and everything. I took this one the other day just because I liked the dew on the grass.
This inspires me to scrap about quiet mornings, having a cup of tea, and waking up and what I do. Or maybe the color will inspire. Take close ups, try different perspectives like from up above or lay on the ground. Just take photos and then look through them when you can't seem to find anything, and I bet one of them will speak to you and get the creativity flowing.

And since most of us are out and about doing things this summer, take notice of everything that is going on or that you are passing. Check out art at art festivals, what interesting things do you see at flea markets, take note and take photos of all those neat things out there to use to scrap the out of the ordinary things. Start a collection of photos of interesting things, like mannequins, signs, or scarves, or anything really. They will come in handy when you go to scrap a page. And they usually will spark an idea of some sort. Any ideas for a page with this fun sign I ran across the other day?
And on those big days, like the 4th of July for those of us in the States. As you go through the day or are sitting there after wards, let the events lead you to something totally different, like a childhood memory of you doing the same things as a kid. Or maybe a float in a parade will make you think of something.

I also like to check out kits in the store and let the colors inspire me, or maybe the name of a kit will catch my eye and make me think of a great story to tell. Or again, the colors of a kit can prompt something.

There are foods and smells and colors of summer that can inspire a page. Or check out posters for summer events or vacation fliers for inspiration. Or take a break and read a magazine and let that relax and inspire you. Even the drinks of summer can lead to some ideas. Sweet Tea being my favorite summer time drink reminds me of road trips taken in the past, things that were said or done while on those trips, and the fun times we had.

I find that once I have an idea for a page the rest just comes. So as you head out the door, keep in mind all the fantastic inspiration out there and bring it back with you to jog your muse and creativity when you need it.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT post! Lots of ideas for inspiration ... thanks!