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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Why Do You Scrap?

This is a question that I think comes up a lot more in digital scrapbooking than it does among paper scrappers?  I used to be a regular at and I don't remember that subject coming up a lot.  But it definitely comes up on a regular basis in the digital scrapbooking forums I frequent.  So, why do YOU scrapbook?

This is something I've really been thinking about.  Why do I scrapbook?  My quick answer is always "to preserve family history".  And that is true.  I know I don't have a great memory, so creating layouts is how I preserve my memories for myself if not for anybody else.  But I know it's not the only reason I scrapbook.  Sometimes, it's fun.  But just as often it is completely frustrating.  I do enjoy the feeling of creating a layout that I really like.  I know when I scrap photos of my husband or my animals and they turn out just right that it makes me happy.  Scrapping photos of my husband can make me feel better when I am down, because I love working with photos of David.  But I've come to realize there is another reason I scrap that I hadn't thought pf before now.

I scrap because I enjoy being part of the digital scrapbooking community.  I've made some really good friends since I started digiscrapping in 2006 and I want to maintain those friendships.  Yes, I could maintain them even if I were to give up digiscrapping.  But it would be harder.  And that is the final reason why I scrap.

So tell me, why do you scrap?  Is it to preserve memories?  Create art?  Relax?  Please comment and tell me why you scrap?