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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun Friday...quick and easy color palette

Howdy everyone..It's Made by Me Inspirations posting again for Kiki Halbert Designs and I am so sorry this is a little late, we have had some construction going on our street and in our home that have taken my time away from the computer..but I wanted to share with everyone this really neat website that I found that I think will benefit not only designers but those of us who create layouts for any kind of use. (the site was actually recommended to me but I can't remember by who, sorry!!)

The Site is Big Huge Labs and they have a way that you can upload a picture and it will create a color palette for you. Now what is really cool is that most color palettes are 5 colors, well this site provides you with 15 colors from the picture that you can choose from. That is great for those of us who create layouts because when we look for kits to use in our layouts not all kits have the colors we want and sometimes we are unsure if a certain color would look good with the pictures we want to add to a layout.

Here is a sample of what you can expect
You can download the .ASE file format to automatically add it to your palette or you can grab the CSS code if you would like to use it on a website. Also, the site maintains the images you have uploaded so you can always go back and create another color palette if you lost one that have already created.

So when looking over Kiki's new releases and your pictures, you now have a useful site that can help you match them up! So have fun creating and don't forget to share you links with us for what you have created. Looking forward to seeing them!