Kiki Halbert Designs

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Well it's time for some new alphas and a new kit to make their appearance! I love the fall! I really do. It's full of richness. So when I designed my kit, Autumn Sunset, I wanted to design something that would look like you could reach out and touch the velvet, embossed papers.

The branded alpha is one of my faves! It's a little grungy, a little rich. The pattern is almost branded into the paper and then rimmed with bronze. It will be great for heritagel layouts. Or if you need an alpha that's a little lighter, go for the Gilded Alpha. Light, gold swirls gilding the paper alpha are perfect for pretty layouts.

They are all available in my store at

Now, onto exciting things...Yes, I'm having a call. I've decided to extend the call and to look for some new fresh talent to be regular members on my team. And I may take on a few more guests at the same time. Newbies should definitely apply. I've found some great gems in the rough in months past and I'm sure this will be no exception! Email me at if you are interested!


Scrappy Cats Designs said...

Kiki - these kits are gorgeous! I really love them