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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wow, wait until you see this change.

Mom and I went to the Women's Show - and it was so much fun. Getting the goodie bag that they give out at the start of the show is insane. I have never seen so many grown women act like school children in my life. It was scary. Pushing, shoving - and these are women, some my age, some retired. It's like they thought the last supplies of Dove were in their bag!

Well, part of the joy of going to the show is the makeovers and this year, I decided to do it.

Ignore the quality of the picture - hairdresser is not a photographer for sure.

So, that's before.....and here's me now:

My long hair has been donated to Lock of Love.

Now for some news. I'll be celebrating my one year designing anniversary. So I've put out my best kit ever, and it will be in store in one week. Here's a preview.

I know you are going to love working with this kit. The papers are probably my best yet. It will be a perfect kit for the fall foliage pictures that I know you are taking right now!

So have fun with your Fall walks and I hope that you'll post some pics of your layouts with that beautiful fall foliage on SBE!


SarahB said...

How fun to get a makeover!!!

Beautiful new kit too!

20Birds said...

my daughter gave to locks of love... great job you did..and you look great too

mom2niryza said...

WOW! was that scary getting all that cut off? Mine is super long and I have so much fear of letting it get cut off lol. I know it will grow back but still! You look AWESOME! Love the new hair :) How exciting a makeover :)