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Saturday, April 12, 2008

ACK! Just when you think things are finally looking up, life throws you a twist...or two. Wait, maybe there's one more!

Yes, my last few weeks have been nutso! I expected some downtime from the internet with my recent move. Who doesn't. We can't honestly expect a well-paid, over-charging internet/telephone service provider to be anything but punctual and courteous now do we? :)

I didn't have internet or phone service at my new apartment for nearly a week. I was informed that they don't do Sunday phoneline transfers, when originally I was told they did, and then they apparently had trouble reading my file or something, because I was told that the line would be activated Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. Come Wednesday I was informed that I had an inactive line and a technician would have to come to the neighbourhood to install a new line, but I wasn't required to be home. Good thing. I am NOT taking a day off work to have someone take all day to get there, take 5 minutes to work on the outside of the house, and then pull every last hair out of my head because I really wasn't required to be at home. Wednesday I asked to speak to a supervisor, because I certainly was not going to be inconvenienced for one more day. I was promptly put on hold, and not so promptly (30 minutes later), cut off. Nice. Finally they sent someone to my home on Friday. I was told I would need to be home, so I arranged for a 5:00 p.m. visit with the supervisor. Upon arriving at home at 4:30, I picked up the phone, and voila! We had a line. Apparently, as I suspected, I didn't need to be home. The line was fixed from the outside at 9:00 a.m. that morning. Internet connected, I frantically surfed. :) Until the next twist came along.

The next twist was the demise of my LCD monitor. It started to flicker, and then wave, and then by Tuesday, it started doing the Macarena. Icons were no longer visible. Text was unreadable. I frantically backed up my hard drive to my new EHD (remind me to buy a computer with eSATA next time), and hoped for the best when bringing it into the shop last night. Turns out, it's not my motherboard, as I suspected. It's definitely the monitor, which is still under warranty. My sweet brother lent me his humungous 19 inch CRT monitor until I get mine back. So I am once again with internet, able to read, see icons, and heaven forbid, I might actually get to scrap today.

The reason I am so anxious to scrap? Well, I recently was announced as one of the Sunshine Sweeties!!! I'm one of the lucky ones, and I'm dying to work with Ellie Lash's products and also enjoy some of Monica's lovely stuffs.

Now, onto the blog carnival news. The next carnival is being hosted by none other than the lovely Flergs. You'll really enjoy the next edition, and remember, if you find any great articles on a blog somewhere, submit the article using the widget on my blog here so that other can enjoy it as well.

Thanks for reading my internet/phone rant, and keeping up with the news! Have a great weekend!


Scrap Evangel said...

Well, looks like you've recovered (technically speaking). And congrats on your new appointment!

Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

I'm sorry you had such a hard time getting everything set up. These big companies make me so mad sometimes. Live goes on though. I'm glad you got set up.

I picked your blog from the blog train because I liked it. I am tagging you. I hope you don't mind. Go to

movefearlessly said...

phone companies are just about the worst!! glad you finally got service, looking forward to seeing some layouts.

Amy Eileen said...

WOW! What a lot to go through. Its amazing how inconvenient such seemingly simple things can be. Ick. Glad you are all settled now and back on track. :)

DawnMarch said...

Ugh, I'm not sure I could survive a week without Internet! LOL!