Kiki Halbert Designs

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Okay, so I was early announcing Earth Day. :) But hey, that's just me. I jump into things head first, on time or not.

We are getting ready for our first real vacation together, and things are starting to get real for me. We leave next weekend. Not this one coming, the following. Yikes! I really have to try and find my spring clothes. It's still spring out there, my father-in-law tells me. And there is still snow in the mountains, so I need to figure out how to pack for 2 different seasons. What a task. The last time I was in Oregon in May, it was the same thing. I had come from Arizona on a conference where it was 102 in the shade, and then went into the mountains in Oregon, where I needed warmer clothing. Layers. I keep telling myself, dress in layers.

So what's on the design front? Funny you should ask. I have a new kit that I've been working on for the guys in your life. Hope you will enjoy that one. Comes out the day after National Scrapbooking Day. And there will more new products in store at SBE before that for sure. I'll leave a little peak here for you tomorrow. I know you'll love it.