Kiki Halbert Designs

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's almost over! The sale that gets you my entire store at 85% off. Plain Digital Wrapper's annual Pillage and Plunder Sale ends tonight! Don't miss these deals. Buy my store for only $19.95, or buy individual items at $1, $2 or $3!

Shiver me timbers! There's been a mutiny and the sale is continuing today! All the designers at Plain Digital Wrapper insisted the sale continue so that no one misses out, or the owner would walk the plank! Get there now, while you can!!

You can get everything in my store for a fraction of the price, but only while the sale is going on. It ends tonight, so don't miss out on this amazing deal. You don't want to walk the plank on this one!

Hurry over! Here's a quick way to get there: