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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Funny how timing works in life!

Well, it's been a ride, I'll tell ya. These last few weeks have given me more than my share of situations where I need perseverance. And I think I'm getting better at it. :)

Two weeks ago, I sprained my ankle, very badly. How? Oh, you know how they say that most accidents happen within one kilometre of your home? Mine happened in the doorway. Well nearly. I was putting on my boots, ready to go to work. You know how you balance on one foot while putting the other boot on? Well, apparently my ankle decided that it wasn't fully awake yet, and instead of wobbling and letting me know it was tired, decided to give out entirely. So all of my weight (which makes me think now due to the pain, that I really do want to lose about 40 lbs) came down on my ankle. And I tumbled to the floor, and cried like a baby. I cried because I felt stupid, because my ankle was killing me and swelling to match the contours of my boot, and because my husband was not in the apartment, and how was I going to tell him I'm on the floor?

Then it occured to me that I could call his cell phone. I got a hold of him, after the second call (what is it with my husband and not answering the cell?) and told him to get inside. No, wait...maybe blubbered is a better word. Yes, I blubbered "Get inside". So he came in to find that I had crawled to a chair, removed my now beyond-tight boot, and was looking at a grapefruit (or large Florida orange, depending on your grocery store) of an ankle. He insisted we go to the hospital, who had no wheelchairs (free health care and all its benefits here in Canada folks!), and got sent to Xray. It's not broken, but it definitely is the worst sprain I've ever had. In fact, the colours that it is producing have quite inspired me to design some new green and purple papers, maybe with touches of black and yellow.

Now prior to the event, I had been quite pleasantly anticipating Friday, because we were going to pick up a little addition to the family, our new Husky, Nanouk. This was going to be fun now. Doctor had ordered me to be on crutches for two weeks, with no weight-bearing on it at all. And I now have a puppy that needs to go to the backyard every three hours or so. He's a really good boy, and quite advanced for his age (look at me, the gushing mommy....). Still it's a trial nonetheless. And we have managed to get through the two weeks with an ankle still intact, a puppy who does not have a bladder the size of Manhattan, but manages to not have accidents, and a husband who is quite exhausted. It seems that this has taken its toll, not on me so much, but on my loving hubby who doesn't desire to see me in pain, but at the same time cannot fathom making dinner after coming home from work, while making sure the puppy does not chew his way through our dining room table legs. Ah, men.

Still, it has inspired me in designing again, and I've quite liked doing a collab with my friend and colleague Miki Ferkul. So I have put myself out there to do some other collaborative kits with friends. I'm looking forward to it indeed.

So hopefully the rest of this week will be uneventful, pain-free, and mojo-full. I fully expect to have this overflow of creativity I feel come out this week and weekend. So stay tuned for some more beautiful collabs to come!


Flora said...

ouch that sounds painful..i hope you heal soon and congrats on your new fur baby:0)

LuAnn said...

they say you are better off breaking your ankle than spraining it because of the pain involved with a sprain. Hope you are up and moving around soon! Air splints are a wonderful aid when you are able to bear weight!