Kiki Halbert Designs

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ad person required!

For $20/mth: $10 twice a month by paypal, in addition to product.

I need someone who can create ads with my products for sending out advertisements to yahoo groups on appropriate days, post products in the CTM Enable thread, post new product announcements in forums, post new products on a CT blog, upload product previews in product preview galleries where I have subscriptions, and participate on my CT forum (get to know the team, and use their layouts for example).

You will be provided information about sales, and special events, and can use CT layouts in the creation of the ads. You will be required to send ads to me prior to sending them out, for proofing.

If you are intersted please email me at kikihalbert AT gmail DOT com, with the subject line ADVERTISING.

What I'd like from all applicants is what teams you are on, your experience in advertising or posting to yahoo groups, and your userid at DST and/or DSA.