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Monday, April 06, 2009

Looking for some Flexi members for my CT!

I'm looking for guests and 3-month members to join my team! Requirements are flexible. I'm looking for people who can:

  • do layouts,
  • promote my new store
  • promote my products by creating ads
  • blog about my creations
  • promote by giveaways;
  • post CTM Enable thread items
  • create desktops or QPs, etc.

You choose what you want to do, and how much. I just need to know what you'd like to do in terms of activities, and what you can commit to, so that I can bring on the numbers I need.

Interested? Email me at kikihalbert AT gmail DOT com with the subject line CT Call.

Tell me what you are interested in doing, and how much you are willing to commit to per month. Also let me know if you want to guest or take on a 3-month position. Also link me up to your best gallery so I can see what you've done, and include your DST username.

I'll close the call once I have enough members to join the team. Looking forward to seeing the applications!


michellewaite1 said...

That looks like a great call.

kitty said...

good luck on your call! ;)

Vissarah said...

Hi Kiki.

Send me an e-mail if you need more quickpages done :)