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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ah, with another weekend over, summer ends a little quicker. We finally had a nice weekend with no rain and warm temperatures for the first time this summer. Okay, maybe not the first time, but it's definitely been a while. I think it's a well-known fact that Canadians love to talk about the weather. Of course we do! It's cold 8 months of the year here, nearly 9 months really, so when we get nice weather, we talk it up! So you will probably notice that I have the tendency to tell you exactly what the weather's been like here over the last few weeks. It's not idle chit chat, or small talk. It's in my blood.

Now the fact that I married an American with that same tendency is quite odd. However, my hubby comes from the Pacific Northwest, which explains the weather chat most of the time. Weather there makes headlines. I expect to hear him complain about the rain, the snow, etc. But no. He's definitely not typical. He's a little different in that way. You see he loves rain. In fact he begs for rain. The bigger the storm the better. The last storm we had, where I thought a tornado would ensue, he was out on the porch in all his glory, laughing at the rain. I kid you not. And snow? Oh, he loves the stuff. The deeper the better. He actually hoped we would break our snowfall record this year. Well, while we didn't beat the record, we did come close. Good thing for him, because it would have led to some pretty nasty looks being shot his way, as if he had brought the snow down from heaven himself. I cannot stand the snow. Truth be told, I think most Canadians can't stand the snow. Take a look at the map of Canada, with the population taken into account and you will quickly see that, oh say, 85% of the population lives on the southern border of the country. This is not by chance.

Now, why all the hubbub about my darling hubby enjoying our Canadian weather? Well, as I was saying, it's been lovely and warm lately. Sunny. The kind of weather you bask in after a long, hard, cold, nasty winter. So do you think he is enjoying this lovely phenomenon we call summer? No. Instead, I hear complaints of how hot it is, how humid it is, and I get blasted with air conditioning on a glorious, comfortable sunny day, to the point where my skin turns purple and people begin to question whether I have Raynaud's syndrome. He hates the heat, the humidity. I thought in the first year that he came here that it was a problem with acclimatization. You know, being from the West with no humidity, and coming to the humidity capital of the world, or so it seems. No, apparently it's just him. He doesn't like feeling warm. He doesn't like nice weather, especially summer.

Now regardless of my husband's um....fettish with cold, miserable weather, I quite enjoy summer. I revel in it. So I've been creating some cheery, comfortable kits that remind you of a light summer day.

Here's Morning's Glory:

There's something quiet and delightful about the summer morning. That was my inspiration for Morning's Glory. It's a lovely graceful kit full of delicate touches. A flower die-cut border, pearls, fabric word art and a touch of glitter. Check it out here.

Morning’s Grace brings out that beautiful dewy daybreak as the Morning Glories begin to open. Delicately textured papers with a flowery touch provide the perfect background. Pastel elements with hints of bling show off the morning light. Beautiful word art and tags. This kit can be used for so many pages from the dressy Sunday morning pictures to the beautiful garden layouts. 11 12X12 textured papers (not all shown in preview), 5 fabric word tags, 4 acrylic brads, 2 branches, 2 glitter swirls, 2 frames, 2 silk flowers, 2 tags, 2 wordarts, 1 clustered tag, 1 eyelet, 1 filecard, 1 gold ribbon, 1 die-cut edge, 1 paperclip, 1 string of pearls, 1 stitched tag, 1 leaf, 1 morning glory flower.

I hope you enjoy this kit, and scrap some lovely summer pictures with it! If so, please drop me a line with a link to your layout so that I can peek and comment on it.

I hope you all have a lovely week. Stay tuned to my blog to get some news very shortly that will astound you. (Okay, it astound me.)


Miranda Buijs said... how you told about your hubby...I don't like rain, and I certainly don't like is rainy and stormy here all day...I wanna see the sun!

Have a sunny day!!!

4guysandme said...

I'm not one to scream out to the world that they like summer... personally ...I don't knock other's who do...but living in TX we get "warm" weather year round so by the time summer has gotten here we're done with the summer weather and the outrageous cooling bills.

I am loving the die cut borders in that kit!

Janeal said...

LMBO! Your hubby sounds funny. I would definitely love a normal warm day. That is anything below 100 degrees F that is. Have a great sunny day there.

I love your bright and sunny kit.