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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can it be that it's already the middle of the week? The summer is flying by so quickly that I hardly notice the days going by. It seems that the only time that days go by slowly is when I am anxiously awaiting a package in the mail, or hearing about the results of a CT or designer call. Yes, my life is quite uneventful most times, and I like it that way. The past three years have been very anxious, and now, having a slow, normally-pace life is kind of nice.

We stayed up for the fireworks last night. It was an awesome show. I have to say that walking to the end of the yard to see them up close and personal is quite nice. No I didn't have my camera ready. I only found my manual yesterday, so I wasn't prepared for fireworks shots. But I am reading up on how to adjust my settings, and I just might go and take a photography workshop to become familiar with it.

Did I mention it's the middle of the week already? That means that there's only a few days more to wait for my new kit to come out at! Want some more sneak peeks?

From the marvelous Rita (chantillylace):

From Sarah (sabedavo):

This wonderful kit comes out on Sunday, and it will be on sale for 20% off on Sunday and Monday, so mark your calendars so you don't miss out. That's at my store at! See you there!


tina said...

I don't understand so good your journaling, but the layout is really great.

SarahB said...

Beautiful layouts! It is sure to be a beautiful kit!