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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1st already!?
So it's July 1st, and that's a pretty big deal where I live. You see, I live in Canada's Capital region, which means lots of festivities, fireworks, etc. And boy there is a party going on today. Earlier today, while out on the back porch, two CF-18s flew by, and much to my chagrin I did not have my camera handy. Thirty seconds later the Snowbirds (the Canadian fighter-acrobats) flew overhead as well. Teaches me for not always being ready with the camera. Regardless of the earlier lack of preparedness, I decided that when hubby and I walked over to Ottawa, I would bring my camera.
If you had asked me three months ago, what I love about our new apartment, I doubt that I would have responded by saying that it is a walk away to The Market - the local restaurant, pub, quaint shop district in Ottawa. Of course, that's probably because we were sitting under feet of snow, after one of the worst winters on record. Now that the weather is nice, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy our location. We are minutes from my work, and only a half hour walk to some of the finest restaurants, coolest pubs, and neatest shops in Ottawa. The walk over the bridge is usually quite pleasant, breezy and affords a photographer some of the best pictures of Parliament Hill.

Today however, the walk was anything but calm, relaxing, breezy. Instead we waded through a sea of red, on a walk that under normal circumstances would take half an hour, and instead took one hour.

And while the occasional drunk or high person was being arrested, the street buskers and entertainers were quite pleasant to watch on the side of the street. And the weather for a change was absolutely perfect. So all in all it was a lovely afternoon. I hope that we've still got enough energy to stay up to watch the fireworks. If not, they will undoubtedly wake us up.

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So to all my fellow Canucks, I hope you are enjoying the most wonderful day off!


Stephanie said...

I hope you're having an awesome day! I'm glad you like your location now, I wish we could walk anywhere in this city.

Stacey said...

Wonderful blog....gosh, it looks so refreshing there compared to the heat and humidity in FL :)

sunflowers said...

what a great panorama of the church, very great

Anonymous said...

I am from Saskatchewan and had a visit to Ottawa in May for a conference. I must say I loved Ottawa. So much to see in a relatively small area. I could pretty much walk everywhere from my hotel. I loved Ottawa and hope to return.

Donna, Saskabush