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Thursday, April 19, 2007

IT'S HERE!!! We are one step closer to permanent residency! Hubby's FBI certificate FINALLY arrived in the mail today!! Needless to say, I'm ecstatic!

On another note, we have someone coming to visit the apartment on Saturday, so there goes my relaxing plans for Friday time. But if I have it planned just right, then I'll actually have 3 of my new element packs in store and I'll have a chance to do some more designing for a couple of hours. I really want to get my Baseball kit done! And I have a Baby Shower kit to do as well.

I've had a chance to do some layouts lately, and I've been invited to be Tracy Rivera's guest CT member for 4 weeks, starting this week! I'm really excited about that. She has great kits, and I'm really anxious to start scrapping the pics of my grandmother and her family - great heritage pics!


Sophia Davies said...

Popping over from DST to leave you some love. :)

Congratulations on your DH's impending residency. I know how that goes. My DH is from the UK and all the paperwork takes forever!


Amanda said...

Hooray for residency, or at least being that much closer. And congrats on the guest CT! Very exciting!

kpollinger said...

Congratulations on the residency! Whoo hoot!

Oh and link us up on your layouts while you are guesting so we can leave YOU some love!