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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wow! Today's been a trip!

That's the only way to describe it because I feel like it's been an emotional rollercoaster all day! Today started great! My wonderful hubby baked FRESH buttermilk biscuits for me for breakfast this morning, which I had with some nice strawberry jam. Then when I got to work, everyone seemed to be in a cheery mood, and the floor was much cooler than the sauna I walked into yesterday, that was my office.

So, no meetings scheduled. However, my boss called me into a private impromptu meeting which led to the first wave..."oh no, what have I done now". :)

Turns out it wasn't about me. It was about a co-worker who is paid more than $20K more than me a year, and she is surfing the internet during regular hours, and can't even produce a work breakdown or estimate project plan. So, do we take the internet away, or is it critical to her job. I guess I've become my boss' sounding board more or less. So we talk about that. And she tells me that she wants me to deliver my part of the project on Friday which is no problem, because it's done.

Onto hill number 2. Hubby calls and says that there's been an offer made on the building, and the potential buyer has no intention of moving in, so we have less worries. BUT they are coming to inspect the place, tomorrow, at 6:00 p.m. When am I supposed to have dinner?

Onto hill number 3. We have a dinner invitation at the neighbours on Thursday night. Yay!

Onto hill number 4. We have an after lunch meeting with the supervisors, who at one point in the meeting deem to call themselves professionals, and imply that my boss and I are not. And everything wrong with the project has nothing to do with the one gal. And the other gal is supervising my staff informally on the sidelines, and telling me how to do my job. Oh, yay!

Hill number 5, and it's the last one, for now. :) - I get an email from a client who has accumulated some feedback (solicited I'm sure) from students I taught last week, and has sent the comments to everyone and their dog, without consulting me first. Thank goodness my boss went to bat for me and called her supervisor to complain. With no reply. ugh.
Hill number 6 - there is new legislation soon that will allow hubby to sponsor his daughter to immigrate to Canada, even if his ex-wife is not helping the process by not allowing for a medical check or completing paperwork. Yay! Originally, if she had refused, that was his one chance to be able to sponsor her, ever. Now, the door is open for the future.

Onto the final good news for the night...I'm going to have some new stuff in store this week, and I'm now the Head CT person for - an amazing boutique with talent. It's too bad that this little site doesn't get the recognition it should! There are some amazing people there, like Pamela Gibson, Monica Larsen and Sus Designs. People need to know about this site. They have an amazing Mega Kit this month that HAS to be seen.
And the most amazing part of my day....I got to finally have a good long chat with Row! She's been sorely missed, and I'm glad to have her back to laugh with and carry on like schoolgirls. She's a dear dear friend. The kind you find only a few times in your life.

And for my stuff...well here's a little preview of things to come very shortly! The first is a page from a special request at - it's called Oh Baby Ba-BEE!

Wedding season is just around the corner, and if you've got a bride-to-be who's not using purple, then why not blue? Next is a page from the Wedding in Bloom - Blue kit.

And finally, an element pack to accompany the Mayan Coast Paper Pack will be hitting the store soon, as well as two different alpha packs.
So get ready, it will be a busy week at


Carolyn said...

My gosh you have had an emotional day. I can certainly relate to it, mine was pretty emotional too... or mebbe stressful is a better word : (