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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Name it and win it!! I've done up this bright eclectic paper pack for the spring, but I can't come up with a name! So if you think you have the perfect name, and want it for free, then post a comment with your best name, and I'll pick a winner tomorrow morning!

Thanks for playing!


Bev said...

Oooooh this kit rawks, how about "Fun'n'Funky" or "Funky Flowers"

Kelli (aquiverfull) said...

Oh very, very pretty! How about
Vivid Intensity or
Summer Punch

empamor said...

the papers are really awesome. a fun mixture of warm and cold colors! well, i think the name should reflect that. What about:
Cool Sunshine
Warm Breeze

Miss Tiina said...

Great kit!! How about "So Fresh!" :)

KendiRN said...

Eclectic Energy
Vivacious Vividness

Anonymous said...

Cute colors! How about

Auntie's Apron
Peas and Carrots
Pea Soup Pie


Shell said...

Great papers. Diversified Funk, Helter-Skelter, Eclectic Clutter, Random Chaos.

twoboyz00 said...

Very pretty colors! How about:

Spring Pop
Spring Fling
Eclectic Spring
Limeberry Punch
Limeberry Spring
Limeberry Fling
Limeberry Breeze

OK, so I'm stuck on limeberry, so I'll just stop now...

Good luck picking a name - lots of great suggestions already.

BrittneyL said...

Punchy Penelope!

Anonymous said...

It's very pretty
How about
Funky Summer!
Chines Summer!


Kate said...

Some great suggestions for names - but none from me because I haven't had my coffee yet today to kickstart my brain! Love this, it's sooooo pretty. Is there going to be an embellishment pack too, pretty please?? said...

Beautiful papers! How about "Summer Fun"?

Rona said...

You make gorgeous papers!

how about:

Asian Summer
Asian Spring
Patriot Fun

Kiki said...

Thanks for all the suggestions! Congrats to Bev, Kelli, twoboyz00 who really inspired the final name: Funky Raspberry Punch.

Please email me at or check in with me on Hello - I'm kettkel - to claim your prize!