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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today was the dreaded allergist appointment. Suffice to say, I was not thrilled because of the prospect of having a severe reaction while being tested. I was referred to the allergist due to my food allergies which have cropped up over the years, from about the time of 21 or so. Turns out I have Oral Allergy Syndrome. To read about it, click here.

Now, while I now know what the problem is, I'm not entirely pleased with the diagnosis, because it is not black and white. This means that it is very likely that I will develop more food allergies in the future to various cross-pollenating foods, like apples, pears and cucumber. What's even more thrilling (not) is that I'm one of the rare individuals who has severe reactions to these foods, namely anaphylactic shock. The good long as the foods have the proteins cooked out of them, and are basically, then, mush, I can eat them safely. Sigh.

Well that's the start to my week. Bloody Caesar anyone? Oh, that's right. Can't have one because of the raw celery. I'll just stick with the spicy Clamato then.


Mormishmom said...

That's terrible! Well, if you like eating a lot of mushy food I guess it would be good;) I hope things get better!

Kim said...

oh thats awful! I'm so sorry you have to deal with all of that :::bighugs:::