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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Uses for Old Things

I've got a little Home Tip for you today. :) My husband has a pillowcase for a throw pillow that his grandma quilted for him when he was a child. He loves his grandma (we named our daughter after her) and the pillowcase has sentimental value (of course!), so I when it needs to be washed I wash it by hand to help prolong its life. I use Fels-Naptha but sometimes it's tough to scrap shavings off the bar of laundry soap. So then I had an A-Ha! moment: use a little cheese grater to "grate" the soap! It's quick and easy, and the grater I found at Marshall's was only $3.
So here's a setup of my handwashing station:
There's the grater and soap, and the pink plastic box they're resting in is actually a plastic shoe box--another new use for an old thing! An upside: the smaller shavings easily and quickly disperse into the water. And then I place the pillowcase in an old colander to rinse it.
So I've decided to submit my grater-as-laundry-soap-shaver idea to Real Simple's "New Uses For Old Things" section. :) And then I thought that I should share my idea with all of you, in case you need to wash something by hand.



Sir Scrapalot said...

Awesome idea!! Would love to see it in the magazine!