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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super Satruday Stretch and Inspriation

Do you ever get an entire day (or even a couple hours) to work on your layouts and photos? Have you ever been so excited you had all that time that when you awoke you had no motivation? No inspiration? What do you do when you have scrapper's block?

Here are some block breakers that I hope can help you!

First: I like to go to the digi stores and look at the various kits and colors. Sometimes the name will grab me like this one did: Bohemian Blush The name just made it sound like something I had to look at.

Sometimes it is the colors that grab me like Kiki's Bubblegum Classic

or Springdipity

Second: I like to look through kits on my computer as well as magazines for inspiration. It could be as simple as seeing a cool advertisement or looking for new techniques to learn.

Third: If I am still stumped or having trouble getting started I like to find online challenges. Funky Playground has the following challenges:
Technique Challenge
Template Challenge (this one is GREAT for when you are stumped!)
and the Mystery Challenges

Even if a challenge is over you can go to the older ones and get ideas!
has a huge section of challenges!

Fourth: If none of these give you inspiration then try something different. Open a blank digital layout and just open 5 random papers from 5 different kits. Then open about 10 elements--they can be anything. Pick 3-5 random photos and just start putting things together. Cut, shape, paste, play! You might be surprised how well the layout turns out. If you don't like it delete and play some more, that is why I love digital. All the fun without the mess to clean up after.

Good luck and may scrapper's block be a thing of the past!