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Friday, December 03, 2010

Holiday Help so You Can Get Back to Scrapping

This is the time of year when everyone gets busy with holiday preparations and no one has time to scrap.  Then when the New Year arrives, we all find ourselves two months behind on scrapping. (Of course, if you are like me and still have years of pics to scrap, what's two more months? lol)  To help you have a little free time this season for yourself and scrapping, I am here with some stocking stuffer ideas to help you wrap up your shopping.

One easy idea is gift certificates.  Everyone offers them these days, so you can easily find one that your husband, daughter or mother will enjoy.  Even kids can enjoy gift cards to some place like ToysRUs.  Don't know where to look, or don't want to leave the house, then Amazon or iTunes gift certificates are the perfect fit for everyone.

I think you may already know my next idea, socks.  For kids and teenagers, stick some fun patterned socks in their stocking.  For women, maybe some trouser socks for work.  And for the man in your life? Whatever socks he likes, cause if your man is like my dh, the socks seem to disappear as fast as I can buy them. lol

Another great idea is cologne or perfume.  A small bottle will fit perfectly in their stocking and places like Walmart or Target place this stuff at the front of the store, so that it is easy to get in and get out.

My next idea, a trip to Bath and Body Works. And this isn't just for women any more.  They have some amazing scents for men like Oak or Twilight Woods for men.  And the sample sizes are perfect for the stocking.

Another great idea for your mother or daughter is earrings.  They don't have to be expensive and they fit easily in to the stocking.

For the man in your life?  What about a trip to the tools section to pick up a 6 in 1 screwdriver that contains multiple tips within the head of the screwdriver.  A leatherman or swiss army knife will also fit perfectly in that stocking.

When you are looking for kids stocking stuffers heading on over to the toy or arts & crafts sections will lead to stocking stuff heaven.

Last years mega gift, the Zhu Zhu pet, is this years perfect stocking stuffer. They are easy to find and they are still inexpensive.

Another inexpensive idea is crayons, markers or watercolor paints.  And these are the types of things kinds just don't tire of.

A small Lego set would also make a great stocking stuffer.

And I have one last idea for just about everyone on your list, lip balm.  For the man in your life, you can choose something like Burt's Bees Lip Balm.  And for any female in your life, there are fun lip balms to be had that they will find a fun addition to their stocking.  They even make lip balm with cute characters for kids' stockings.

Hopefully, I've helped you find a little more time for scrapping this holiday season (or at least made your shopping life a little easier).