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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Scrapping You

I am afraid there is someone terribly important missing from a lot of scrapbookers photos and layouts. Without this person there would be no photos or layouts, but they don't appear in any. Heck they often aren't even mentioned without a photo. Wondering who that person might be? That person is you.

As scrappers we take dozens (or hundreds) of photos of events. We painstakingly create layouts so that our families can look back and smile at all the wonderful memories. And future generations will get to know a lot more about their past because of these wonderful pages we are creating. But someday, even if you live to be a 105, someday you won't be around to explain who you are or why you aren't in any of the layouts.

You may have to remind someone to take a picture of you, but do it. It is important that you appear in the pages of your scrapbooks. Consider creating a "Book of Me". Layouts about "you" don't have to involve a lot of journaling.

In this layout, I think I share quite a bit about what I like to do. But is it wordy, nope. Just a few word strips on the left hand side of the page tell the story. But it is an important story to tell.

This layout was created using Girl You R A Dreamer by Kiki Halbert.  It's feminine without being too girly and the word art makes it perfect for a layout about "you".

This week, I encourage you to think of ways to include "you" in your layouts.  I know for some of us that isn't the most exciting thought in the world.  But one day, your family will thank you for it.