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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Abalone Trivia

Since Kiki released her Abalone styles on Friday, I thought I would share some abalone-related trivia:

Abalone is a variety of sea snail.

Abalone is known as Oreille de Mer in France, awabi in Japan, paua in New Zealand, mutton fish in Australia, Loco in various South American countries, and Ormer or Venus ear in England.

The largest variety of abalone is the red abalone found off the coast of California, which can reach 11 inches across.

The viscera of Japanese abalone can harbor a poisonous substance which causes a burning, stinging, prickling and itching over the entire body. It does not manifest itsef until exposure to sunlight - if eaten outdoors in sunlight, symptoms occur quickly and suddenly. Skin lesions may occur on body parts exposed to the sunlight. It is believed the toxin may come from seaweed ingested by the abalone.

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