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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Super Saturday Stretch Inspiration with Amberlee

Welcome back to another Super Saturday Stretch, inspiring you to dive into you digital scrapbooking and play!

There are many photographers out there who would love to be the next Ansel Adams or Anne Geddes. I want to share with you just a handful of some of these amazing artists.

I was recently sent a link for a photographer who is doing staggering work in Hawaii. ClarkLittle Photography is a place to go for awe-inspiring artistry! His work consists of "catching the waves" and the occasional sea turtle on film. Take a look--it is simply breathtaking!

Another wonderful place I found is The Beautiful Nature blog. Many different articles and photos to look at there.

I really liked browsing this gallery over at deviant art by Hugh Schneider aka rad-ix. The snails and mushrooms in particular stood out to me.

This next photographer, MustafaDedeoglu, uses mostly Black and White photography in his work. I particularly enjoyed this photo.

Stephen Heptegon is another photographer whose work I could stare at for hours.

Your photography doesn't have to be this breathtaking, but even just the simplest of shots can capture the essence of a family member or the world around you. Don't be afraid to play and catch the beauty of everyday as well as the sorrow and sadness. I don't want all my scrapbooks to remember only the happy things. How would future generations cope knowing we were so "perfect" or always bright and sunshiny? It isn't always and we shouldn't be afraid to put those days into our scrapbooks.

I hope you enjoyed these sites as much as I did! See you next weekend!



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