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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are You Hot Yet?

It sure is hot here in my neck of the woods! And we have just about reached the mid mark of summer and hot days. I have the air on and have been cruising the web looking for some ways to cool down for you and your families. Have fun with them!

1. Get the kids in their swimsuits, grab some paint bruses and water color paints or finger paints and head outdoors. Let them paint each other and then run through the hose or sprinkler to wash off. Repeat as many times as needed.



1 1/2 pounds Oreos, crushed fine

6 ounces melted butter

1 quart, vanilla ice cream


Line the bottom and sides of an 8-inch spring form pan with parchment.

Combine cookie crumbs and butter; press half of the mixture into prepared pan.

Fill pan with vanilla ice cream, making sure to smooth out the top.

Add remaining Oreo crumbs and gently press to form a top crust.

Place cake into freezer for at least 4 hours.

To unmold, allow cake to warm for 10 minutes. Remove pan sides. Flip cake onto a plate. Remove parchment. Slice and serve.

3. Play Sponge Tag

Gather as many sponges as possible (the larger ones work the best) and a few buckets and fill them with water.

Choose a person to be "it". That persons tries to "tag" people by throwing the wet sponges at them. Once "tagged" that person becomes "it".

4. Water Balloon Fun (with a twist)
Fill up several balloons with water and place them in a bucket or kiddie pool. Use the safety pin to poke a hole in one balloon. This will create a time bomb with a slow leak.

Have kids stand in a circle and toss the balloon around.

The person who is left holding the balloon when it runs out of water is eliminated.

Keep playing until one player is left standing.

If you have extra balloons at the end of the game, then simply use them for an old-fashioned water balloon fight.

I hope these ideas will help you and the kidlets to cool off on these hot summer days. And as always, make sure you have the camera, take lots of photos, and then scrap those fun cool times! And we would always love to see them, so if you make a layout with photos from any of these ideas, be sure to come and link us up! We love to go and leave comments!

Have fun!


Amberlee said...

Ooooo Yummy! That sounds fabulous! We love playing in the sprinkler and having water/water balloon fights here. Very very fun! Love these ideas--thanks!