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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting the Pretty Back

Yesterday I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed and I was so nervous. I worried because the tooth was so close to a nerve and there was a high possibility that it would be damaged leaving me permanently numb on the right side of my mouth. I did not want to bother with that and besides I thought it might affect the way I eat and it would make me ugly when I ate. The good news is no nerve damage!

Long story short, since I couldn't do much yesterday, I read Getting the Pretty Back by Molly Ringwald. When I picked the book up, I thought it was an autobiography and there are elements of that but mostly it is a "how-to" book: a how-to be pretty book. Not the kind of book I usually read but I am glad that I didn't give up.

Molly does give practical advice like what ten items every wardrobe should have and the ten shades of red lipstick all women should try but her premise for being pretty isn't add a little make-up and you'll be fine. Instead she writes, "Getting the pretty back is about getting back in touch with your essential self: the part of you that knows what you really want, that takes risks... Being pretty can be about style or outer beauty true, but on a deeper more fundamental level, it's about learning to take care of yourself again." To that aim, Molly gives her thoughts about being single, how to pick good friends, hosting a party and parenting.

On Wednesdays, we try to share some tips with you so I am going to give you a few from Molly. Be sure to find her book at your library or bookstore. At the bottom of the post I have a preview of Kiki's Beauty and Grace kit found at Scrapbook-Elements. Click on the preview to go to the site for details.

Avoiding the Five Biggest Mistakes Home Cooks Make

1. Do not be afraid to experiment- with new recipes, new ingredients, or new cooking equipment.

2. Do not use inferior ingredients- fresh, locally grown ingredients may cost more but they pack a punch when it comes to flavor and can make a good recipe incredible.

3. Do not store your foods improperly- storing properly extends shelf-life, preserves flavor, and avoids cross-contamination.

4. Do not skimp when buying kitchen equipment- investing in high-quality cookware and utensils once saves money in the long-run and prepares food better.

5. Do not exclude your children- letting kids help takes some of the work away from you while fostering a willingness to try a variety of foods in the children,

Things Not to Feel Guilty About When You Have a Child

1. The house will be a mess.

2. You'll get mad at your parents.

3. Your kid doesn't play the piano, juggle, speak mandarin chinese and swim competitively.

4. Your kid is a picky eater.

5. You spend time with your significant other.

Fashion Faux Pas That Work

1. White pants in winter.

2. Dirty hair.

3. Silver and gold.

4. Night for day.

5. Mixing seasons.

6. Blue eye shadow.

7. Navy and black.

8. Cheap perfume.


Clare McNeal said...

Thank you for the encouraging words to live by from Molly. Much appreciated.