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Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm not a happy camper with my landlord right now.

He called yesterday around lunch to tell me that he was he informed my hubby this past fall that he was thinking of selling the building, and he's going to list this Monday, which means a realtor comes in to take pictures. I'm not Martha Stewart, I'm not FlyLady. I am making due with a 600 sq ft apartment with me, hubby, our two cats, and our stuff accumulated since our wedding two years ago while waiting for hubby's immigration to be finalized. It's what we can afford, and we were living comfortably in this cluttered space. But now, I somehow have to make it look spaceous, and cozy. Ain't gonna happen. We give it our best college try.

I tried re-organizing the bedroom closet, and move my wedding dress and other dresses I rarely wear these days and voila! Mold. I have a green wall. I'm highly allergic to mold and my health has been deteriorating in the last few months, with no real explanation, until now. So now, because my landlord is selling, this means he'll HAVE to get the wall ripped apart to replace the moldy wall. Great.

I'm so miffed right now I could eat a whole tub of Cherry Garcia in one sitting!

Update: I'm going to scream, heck I've screamed already. DH decided to pull the bed away from the wall, and we found black mold all in the corner, and on the wall behind the bed. The floor is wet from leakage, and my bed frame is actually rusted from the moisture (it's only 2 years old).Plus DH just discovered that there's a leak in the bathroom as well.What makes me the most angry right now is that we would normally be required to give 3 months notice if we were not renewing our lease, which ends this month. The landlord said nothing until this weekend, probably knowing that I wouldn't renew. Now we are locked into the lease for another year, unless we sublet, and who will sublet this place? I'm so angry!!!!

I'm about to lose my mind!