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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Well, got some more phone calls from the landlord's wife. First saying that the contractor will be coming sometime this week, but probably won't call first. I don't think so. We are entitled to notice. So I called back, informed the landlady (if she can be called a lady) and told her that I want to be here for the original inspection, and that I have a city inspector who wants to be present during the work. Well that pissed her off I'm sure. It was just hidden under the surface you know. So again I explained that we'd probably have to be vacated from the apartment during the work in the bedroom. So she says, well just move the bed. The bed right now is actually against my dresser - to the point where I have to move the bed to open the drawers, and there is only 3.5 feet at the end of the bed to the wall. So, hmmm....where should I move the bed when they do their work? The kitchen? So I'm probably going to have to be moved. This did not bode well.

So it's obvious that if they are to work in the bedroom, we'll need to be in a hotel. And again, LL not too happy, but as I said, not having a bed to sleep on, or access to the bedroom certainly doesn't constitute peaceable enjoyment of the premises, which I'm entitled to, and I'm not financially responsible for temporary vacancy. She said that she's going to find out what their rights are as owners....well let's see, you have a right to make sure my apartment doesn't make me sick, is habitable, and when it isn't, you have the right to pay for my hotel, my breakfast, lunch and dinner, and make sure the work gets done quickly.

Pisses me off. So she called back and said she informed the contractor that there will be a city inspector onsite, and that she wants representation there too, during the original evaluation, and that she'll translate for my husband. I don't think so. So I'll be off one day for that, then who knows about the work being done on the apartment. This is just way too out of hand.