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Thursday, March 15, 2007

This just in.... lol

Okay, so the latest scoop is this. After the big fight with the landlord's bitchy wife, who tells me they will have to send a letter to the contruction company, I get an email this morning telling me that they got a hold of the contractor and have given them my number to find arrange a time to fix the problem. Did I get a call today? Nope. Not from them anyhow.

Instead I got a hold of a city building inspector! Yay! He says it sounds like the landlord is trying to get away with murder and do the bare minimum so he can sell the building. When I told him about the mould, and say that I'd like him to inspect once the work is done, he pipes up "No! I am going to be there when the work takes place so that we know they've done it right! Mould has to be removed with a very specific procedure!" Yay! Someone finally in my corner!!! So when I explained about the LL telling me that it will be the construction company that does the work, and that I have 0% confidence that they have informed them of the mould problem, the inspector says "I know the guys at the company. I'll call them to make sure that they are indeed the ones who are contracted to do the work and that they know about the mould, and I'll get back to you." A silver lining! A knight in shining armour! Okay, I exagerate, but I feel like I've been fighting the stress of my health concerns now, my future health concerns, fighting against the red tape that is my only recourse, and fighting the feelings that if I didn't insist we live in this tiny apartment during the immigration process to save money, we wouldn't be in this predicament. Finally, I'm starting to feel better about the situation.

On to more positivity, I had the wonderful privilege of doing some RAKs for folks on DST these past few days. I wanted people to write 3 dreams in the present tense, or write them like they've already happened...and let me tell you, they came up with some doozies. I was brought to tears at work reading them. It was like I paid myself a random act of kindness by having people write their dreams, because they brought me real perspective. So for those that might have participate who read this...thank you.

In return - I gave each person their own copy of Dream Board to scrap those 3 dreams. Look was Tenessa did with her's...


Sara E said...

OMG ...the landlord dounds so awful..........good thing that inspector is going to help you out :)

and...yep, aren't RAKS fun?? I passed out a few myself