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Monday, March 19, 2007

Some mouldy photos from our bedroom - having to do with all the idiocy we've been dealing with the past week.

These were behind our heads, behind the bed.

The bedroom window.

The bedroom closet

Oh, and the corner right near my side of the bed (one foot away).

Now for some good news. The contractor got a hold of me today, and is coming for his first inspection/work on Wednesday morning. They WILL be opening the walls, and I WILL be having the city inspector on site to make sure that things are dealt with properly, that is to say, the mouldy walls and if they find mould on any studs behind the walls, the room will be sealed.
That is not to say that I know what will happen to the bedroom for the time during the period of work. If they can work in 3.5 feet of space, then power to them. If not, we get temporarily relocated to sleeping somewhere else, but it sure as heck won't be the living room couch, or the kitchen floor. So someone had better be prepared for that one, because it's not my fiscal responsibility.
More good news - hmmmm. I've got a few new kits in the works, including a Japanese kit, a Moroccan kit, and a football kit. Look for them at the store soon. could I forget!!!! I'll be having a sale very soon....keep your eye out for that one!


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh that is horrible!!! Thats one thing we dont have to deal with her in Australia at the moment. Although we are getting some good rain today :)

Kim said...

oh man, thats awful- and right in your bedroom! I sure hope that your landlor pays for you to stay in a hotel while the work is being done! hope everything works out soon...

pokettiger said...

I once was really sick with what I thought was a really bad cold. I went on vacation for a couple of weeks and during that time frame improved and finally felt better. When I returned home to my partment within 48 hours I was having all the same problems again. Finally discovered that we had a nasty mold problem. I sympathize with you! Hang in there and hopefully they can get it all cleaned up for you real soon.