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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Well this should have been a lazy weekend, just me and hubby enjoying each other's company, maybe staying in bed late, going for a walk in the neighbourhood, going to Chapter's to see if the new Digital Scrapbooking Magazine is in yet. But that's not going to happen.

Yesterday our landlord called to say he's putting the building up for sale. And that realtors will be here on Monday to take pictures. Pictures. Great. How about pictures of a 600 sq ft apartment where 2 people live with 2 cats, and let's make it look appealing. It's not. It's too small, and we haven't even unpacked our wedding gifts from 2 years ago because I have 1.5 cupboards above the counter, and 1.5 cupboards below. We bought a storage shelf from Ikea to fit our appliances on, and still it's not enough. We have cookbooks too - those need room. The bedroom - well, there's no place for 4 seasons of clothes - so most are in storage in the only little storage spot we have, under the stairs.

I have a feeling that the realtor will take one look and tell the landlord he's better not to have pictures, because it just looks like there's not enough room - and that would be the truth. But I still have to make an effort to hide what we can to make it look like Martha freaking Stewart decorated it herself.

So I've resigned myself to moving around what we can to make it more appealing to the realtor, and we are still going to Chapter's today!


KimberlyP said...

Oh I'm so sorry - that is terribly stressful! So will you have to move or will someone most likely buy it for investment property?

I have tons of stuff that's never made it out of boxes from our wedding 6 years go and two moves ago!

Love the new seals - they are darling!