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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carbonara Pasta Time!

Yes girls, it's wednesday and Wendy here to bring you our recipe It's a very simple italian dish, it's originary from Rome and there are a lot of types of carbonara, with sour cream, onion, etc, but I will share with you the original one , hope you enjoy it as we do it here!
(Credits: Burst into Spring kit of Recherche KH desings)

For 4 persons:
400 gr of pasta ( fresh pasta, spaghetti or any you prefer)
3 slides of bacon( cutted in pieces)
2 or 3 tablespoon of live oil ( to fry the bacon)
4 eggs ( one per person)
8 tablespoon of parmessan (2 per egg)
salt and pepper

Cook the pasta, while is cooking prepare the bacon.
Fried the bacon on the olive oil.
Mix the eggs with the parmesan add some salt.
When the pasta is ready and pour add first the olive oil and the bacon cooked mix and then add the mix of the eggs and the parmesan, do this with the kithchen on , add some pepper and mix unitl the egg is more or less cooked and That's it! ready !