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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Designiversary Schedule of Events

Good morning! Faye here bringing you the start of the week-long celebration of Kiki Halbert's four years of being an awesome digital scrapbooking designer! I wanted to let you know about all of the goodies and fun coming your way over the next few days!

Today we are kicking off the Code Hunt, a very cool and fun game we really hope you'll enjoy!

We have a 6-letter code that we've scrambled up, and are hiding throughout the Team's personal blogs, one per day, over the course of the week.
Here is a list of the participating team members:

Your mission is to stalk these blogs, locating one letter per day. You will know the letter on sight. :)
Once you have all 6 letters, unscramble the word as quickly as you can!
Then, run over to Kiki's shop (Recherché by KH Designs) at Funky Playground Designs. Fill your cart! Upon checkout, enter the unscrambled code as a coupon, and BAM!! A whopping 60% will fall off of your price! This will only work for the first person to successfully collect/unscramble/use the code, so you must be quick!

You can find your first letter on my blog, it's already there! :D

The rest of the week is sure to please, bearing:
template challenge
recipe challenge
scavenger hunt
35% off sale at FPD
35% off sale at SBE and 40% off on Friday
lots of prizes and giveaways

Please make sure you keep an eye on Kiki's blog, as well as her Facebook and Twitter! We sure hope you'll help us celebrate!