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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Non-standard Layouts

Most of you reading this blog create 12x12 layouts. These have become the hobby standard. Sometimes though creating in a different size can be inspiring. Although you can do a layout in any dimensions that you fancy, I want to share some less well-known but still standardized sizes (width x height).

Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are becoming quite popular along with Jumbo ATCs. Sized at 2.5" x 3.5", these cards are the same size as baseball cards and often the layout is printed and adhered to a collector's card in order to be exchanged with others. It is easier to work with them at 5" x 7" and reduce them when you are finished. Some people prefer to leave their cards at 5" x 7" and these are called Jumbo ATCs.

Another up and coming trend in the digital scrapbooking world is Skinny Collages. These measure 4" x 8" and rarely include a photo. Instead, these are truly collages and fit into the altered art genre. But, you know what I always say? Scrapping is about creating art. And every artist should have the freedom to create in her own style. So, use the skinny collage even if you aren't into altered art.

You are probably already familiar with bragbooks (6" x 4") but did you know this is also postcard size? Why not create your own holiday cards or flip the dimensions and make a party invitation?

So, these are just a few ideas for you. Once you play around with different layout sizes, you may find yourself feeling refreshed and renewed with new creative energy to put into your layouts no matter what size you are working with!