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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Satruday Stretch Inspriation

I have a unique hybrid project for you this week. Using old dominoes, the Burst into Spring collaboration kit and my Photoshop program I created mini backgrounds to print out on my computer. The dominoes are 1 inch wide by 2 inches long so I set my crop tool to those specifications and then opened the papers I wanted to use. I cut pieces of paper using the crop tool and dragged them to a new file so I could print them out. Once you have your page filled then you can print them onto card stock.

I cut out all the rectangles and glued them to the dominoes. I let them dry over night to be sure they sealed properly. You may want to use a flat edged object or bone folder to make sure there are no bubbles in the glue.

The next day I used an emery board and my square sanding sponge to sand the edges of the paper off the dominoes. When it looks the way I want it I then inked the edges. I used stamps and ink to place a few swirls and images onto the papers. Then I used a gold foil pen as well as a sharpie metallic marker to make the edges look polished. Now they are ready for adding flowers, gems, photos, clip art --anything else you would like-- on them. Cover them with glossy modge podge, Diamond glaze or Glossy finish of your choice.

You can make them into magnets by adding magnetic tape on the back or epoxy a bail to the back to create a pendant. You can even add a pin back for unique jewlery!

This last photo is of a digital design I created called "Angel Watching". I shrunk, antiqued and printed it out to fit a domino. You can see the gold bail which will have a cord or chain strung through it so it can be a necklace.

Have Fun and try it out!


Kiki Halbert said...

Beautiful hybrid project Amberlee! Thank you!