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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The New Grunge Collection is Here!

My newest grunge collection is here!
Check out Boy You R a Dreamer and Girl You R a Dreamer!
And you can get them on sale today and tomorrow!

This grungy eclectic mix is made for your guy or guys. Perfect for Fall pictures of the messy yard work, or playing in the leaves. Rust, forest green, navy and garnet come together in a rich array of grungy textured papers. Various foliage, rusty fencing, torn journal papers, ribbons and a little bit of dirt all create an eclectic mix of grunge and seasonal elements. Perfect for those “Be True to Yourself” layouts. Kit includes: 7 patterned papers, 4 solids, 2 branches with leaves, 1 bead scatter, 1 journal page, 1 star scatter, 1 red brad, 1 screw head, 1 bullclip, 1 fence, 1 dead leaf, 1 oak leaf, 1 dirt patch, 1 paint splatter, 1 birch bark, 1 rolled flower, 1 pine cone, 1 photo matte, 4 curled ribbons (1 coloured twice), 2 flat ribbons, 2 ric racs (coloured twice each), 1 star frame, 1 tag, 1 paper frame, 3 word arts, 1 twig.

A feminine twist on grunge, this kit mixes grunge and glitter for the perfect eclectic mix. Filled with dried roses, petal scatter, flowers galore, foliage and organic textures. It's the perfect kit for saying, “this is me, with all my layers”. Kit includes: 10 patterned papers, 6 solids, 1 dead leaf, 1 silver word art, 12 flowers, 1 leaf stem, 1 wood frame, 1 paper frame, 1 paint splatter, 1 glitter heart, 3 stamped word arts, 1 journal page, 1 rope heart, 1 rose petal scatter, 4 curled ribbons (1 coloured twice), 1 flat ribbon, 2 ric rac, 2 rose buds (1 with stem), 1 rose petal, 1 journal tag, 1 string.

Or Save and get them Bundled!

Check out what my team did with these kits:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

You need to check out this service! And a sneak!

On this cool Saturday morning, I'm here to tell you about a great ad service that my friend Sally is now offering!

Sally just started her new business, Adrageous!

If you've been hanging around in the digital scrapbooking world for any amount of time, you'll know Sally from her wonderful layouts, her promotional ads on Facebook, Twitter, and forums. Sally is a dream to work with, professional and courteous. And let's not forget...talented.

So if you need an advertising service, you really need to visit her website. Not only does she have awesome promotion ad deals, but also offers a customized ad service. She's experience and talented. What more do you need?

If you decide to visit her website, and use her services, you'll be glad you did.

And before I leave you I have a little sneak peek for you - something coming out tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Template Freebie!

There are times in every scrapper's life when they feel uninspired and have lost there scrapping mojo!

Well, when I get scrappers block, as they say, I find a cute template and use it as a stepping stone to get started. I love templates because they are so versatile and each layout made with the same template can look completely different, depending on what you decide to do with it!

So to help you get started on your own layout today, I have made a cute template just for you, based on my latest layout using Kiki's products. This kit was absolutely perfect for the fall foliage and scenery pictures I had taken! It is called Timeless, and you can pick it up here.

Here is the layout I made with it!


And here is the template for it. It's in .psd format for easy scrapping. You can pick it up here.


Happy Scrapping!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recipe Day

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen so cooking has been a challenge. My daughter cooked this dish at her friends house and we had leftovers for a few evenings. That of course leaves me extra time to scrap, which I need now that I am a digital scrap addict. A month ago I was a paper scrapper who thought PSE 9 was a foreign language. Now I am in love with PSE 9 and can't wait to play with all of Kiki's new (and old) collections, but they are all new to me!! I have had so much fun with Burst into Spring, Beauty and Grace, Bright Skies Ahead and Tricked out Damask just to name a few. Check out her collections at SBE and Funky Playground. Don't forget to look at the gallery for some great inspiration as well. I can't wait to play with what she has coming out stay tuned to this blog! It is so yummy, just like this recipe.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Using Quickpages

Quickpages are great tools for those of us who need a fast layout. These creations made by designers or creative team members allow you to quickly plop a photo (or several)under the .png file and voila... a quick and easy layout. But that's not the only way to use a quickpage. You can do more than add a pic. Adding additional elements, journaling, or a title personalizes the quickpage.

Here is a quickpage from Kiki's "Grass Stains" kit. You can use 4 small pics or use one bigger photo and let it show through all the frames. Have fun with it! You can download it here for a limited time. Please remember that this gift for you is for personal use only.

Monday, October 25, 2010


With 5 days of rain coming our way thought I would find some funnies to make me smile and share with you. :)

Smile nice! Don't make me crop you!

I'll admit I'm ADDICTED if you'll pose for another photo

Top 10 Signs of a Scrapbook Addict

  • You're the only one at a social gathering yelling, "Just one more photo, folks; I don't have enough for a two-page spread!
  • Blue photo split backs can be found in unusual places--school lunch bags, briefcases, pants pockets, the dog's water bowl.
  • A regular sandwich is no longer acceptable--it must be cropped or cut with decorative edges.
  • You try to claim your album purchases as a medical expense because it's such good "therapy".
  • You buy a new pink swimsuit because it matches the pink photo mounting paper.
  • Your child is the only one in agriculture class who thinks "crop" is to "cut your photos."
  • You decide to give your child piano lessons so you'll be able to use the musical instrument stickers that are in the Big Pack.
  • You redecorate your family room to coordinate with your photo album covers.
  • Your three year old wants to know if her coloring book is "archival quality".
  • You're in a fender bender and your first thought is, "I wonder what die-cut shape will coordinate with this event?"
  • Your three-year-old wants to know if her coloring book is "archival quality."
  • Scraps from your corner rounder cuttings can be found in unusual places: school lunch bags, briefcases, the laundry, the dog's water bowl.
  • Of course a scrapbook addict doesn't follow a 12 step program but a 12 x 12 step one.

  • I got these from a site that has more of these. You can check them out by clicking Here

  • I went looking in Kiki's store today and found Bright Skies Ahead. I love the different flowers in this kit and the colors are calm and cheerful. I could see all different kinds of layouts or cards with this beautiful kit. Have a great day and have fun reading the funnies.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Super Saturday Stretch Inspiration

Halloween, oh Halloween....costumes, candy, parties, trick or treat... This week's inspiration: Haunted Houses! I had seen mini heritage layouts done as homes or houses. This would be a wonderful and fun way to create Halloween layouts or altered projects.

Recipe for digi or paper house:
Cut base piece 3 inches wide by 8 inches tall.
Cut a triangular piece for the roof. You can even add a chimney. Make the house wider or shorter or use an entire page, the possibilities are limited by your imagination.

Here is an example of what I mean:

This was created using Kiki's Retro Jungle paper, a tree from Dover Books and a vintage embellishment. I am working on a paper version. I hope you will share your ideas with us as well!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Carbonara Pasta Time!

Yes girls, it's wednesday and Wendy here to bring you our recipe It's a very simple italian dish, it's originary from Rome and there are a lot of types of carbonara, with sour cream, onion, etc, but I will share with you the original one , hope you enjoy it as we do it here!
(Credits: Burst into Spring kit of Recherche KH desings)

For 4 persons:
400 gr of pasta ( fresh pasta, spaghetti or any you prefer)
3 slides of bacon( cutted in pieces)
2 or 3 tablespoon of live oil ( to fry the bacon)
4 eggs ( one per person)
8 tablespoon of parmessan (2 per egg)
salt and pepper

Cook the pasta, while is cooking prepare the bacon.
Fried the bacon on the olive oil.
Mix the eggs with the parmesan add some salt.
When the pasta is ready and pour add first the olive oil and the bacon cooked mix and then add the mix of the eggs and the parmesan, do this with the kithchen on , add some pepper and mix unitl the egg is more or less cooked and That's it! ready !

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Non-standard Layouts

Most of you reading this blog create 12x12 layouts. These have become the hobby standard. Sometimes though creating in a different size can be inspiring. Although you can do a layout in any dimensions that you fancy, I want to share some less well-known but still standardized sizes (width x height).

Artist Trading Cards (ATC) are becoming quite popular along with Jumbo ATCs. Sized at 2.5" x 3.5", these cards are the same size as baseball cards and often the layout is printed and adhered to a collector's card in order to be exchanged with others. It is easier to work with them at 5" x 7" and reduce them when you are finished. Some people prefer to leave their cards at 5" x 7" and these are called Jumbo ATCs.

Another up and coming trend in the digital scrapbooking world is Skinny Collages. These measure 4" x 8" and rarely include a photo. Instead, these are truly collages and fit into the altered art genre. But, you know what I always say? Scrapping is about creating art. And every artist should have the freedom to create in her own style. So, use the skinny collage even if you aren't into altered art.

You are probably already familiar with bragbooks (6" x 4") but did you know this is also postcard size? Why not create your own holiday cards or flip the dimensions and make a party invitation?

So, these are just a few ideas for you. Once you play around with different layout sizes, you may find yourself feeling refreshed and renewed with new creative energy to put into your layouts no matter what size you are working with!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Scrapbook Quotes

Sometimes we struggle with what to say about our layouts or what to put for a title. Here are some scrapping quotes and sites with quotes.
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing.
- Anonymous
Love is a lot like dancing - you just surrender to the music.
- Anonymous
Remember today, for it is the beginning of always. Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold. Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true.
- Anonymous
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
- Dr. Seuss
Ten fingers,
Ten toes,
She's laughter and teardrops,
So small and brand new,
And amazingly angelic.
She's sent to bless you,
She's one special Baby,
The best of life's treasure,
And will grant and bless you,
Many hours of great pleasure.
- Unknown
I like this one.
Friends are like bras: close to your heart and there for support.
- Anonymous
My grandmother made me a scrapbook because I was once too young to remember; I am making scrapbooks for my family because one day I may be too old to remember.
-- Author Unknown
I found these site's for more quotes.
These are some great ideas for quotes.
I was looking in Kiki's store and found this beautiful kit.

Harvest Moon Jeans Page Set

I love the rich colors and the texture of these papers in this autumn kit. With a great kit and a quote it would make some great layouts. Have a wonderful day. Mary

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strolling through the Playground

Happy Sunday to all. CT member Sharon here after strolling through the gallery at the Funky Playground...(I just love that name, it just sounds fun!!)

Have you seen the new Tricked out Damask papers by Recherché by KH Designs? They are perfect for any Pamela shows how to make a beautiful vintage layout. "She said Yes" is awesome- I loved how she used the masking technique on the lettering to show off the papers. She used the Tricked out Damask worn papers.

Kiki has 2 different styles of the Damask papers. You can find them here.

Tricked out Damask Worn Tricked out Damask

The possibilites are endless with these papers. Hop on over to the playground and check them out and I hope to see your designs!!! The CT would love to showcase your designs on our blog as well!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Super Satruday Stretch Inspriation

I have a unique hybrid project for you this week. Using old dominoes, the Burst into Spring collaboration kit and my Photoshop program I created mini backgrounds to print out on my computer. The dominoes are 1 inch wide by 2 inches long so I set my crop tool to those specifications and then opened the papers I wanted to use. I cut pieces of paper using the crop tool and dragged them to a new file so I could print them out. Once you have your page filled then you can print them onto card stock.

I cut out all the rectangles and glued them to the dominoes. I let them dry over night to be sure they sealed properly. You may want to use a flat edged object or bone folder to make sure there are no bubbles in the glue.

The next day I used an emery board and my square sanding sponge to sand the edges of the paper off the dominoes. When it looks the way I want it I then inked the edges. I used stamps and ink to place a few swirls and images onto the papers. Then I used a gold foil pen as well as a sharpie metallic marker to make the edges look polished. Now they are ready for adding flowers, gems, photos, clip art --anything else you would like-- on them. Cover them with glossy modge podge, Diamond glaze or Glossy finish of your choice.

You can make them into magnets by adding magnetic tape on the back or epoxy a bail to the back to create a pendant. You can even add a pin back for unique jewlery!

This last photo is of a digital design I created called "Angel Watching". I shrunk, antiqued and printed it out to fit a domino. You can see the gold bail which will have a cord or chain strung through it so it can be a necklace.

Have Fun and try it out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hybrid Thursday- pinwheels

Hi, its Hybrid Thursday and I have another hybrid layout for you!!

I have been having so much fun with Kiki's collaboration with Siamese Studios "Burst into Spring". It has the green and the pinks and lends itself to so many layouts. For this layout I printed out several of the papers that are in this collection, using a medium weight matte paper.


I made a pinwheel which is super easy and cute. Cut a square- I used 2 in and 1 1/2 inches, then I cut at each corner about 1/3 of the way to the center.


Since this is single sided paper, I sprayed glimmer mist on the white side.


Pinwheels are very easy to make. Just wrap alternating corners around a pencil so that it curls. I also used a heat gun which helped hold the curl- but be very careful- it is hot!!! I added buttons as centers.


Here are close ups of my pinwheels on the layout:



To finish the layout, I took a picture, uploaded it to my computer and added text to the layout. That is so easy and you don't have to worry about your handwriting if it isn't the best. I love that!!

ally so sweet

Keep experimenting with the hybrid scrapbooking opens up so many new possibilities that even a die-hard traditional scrapbooker can see how the digital world enhances your layouts.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Having Fun with FX

Happy Tuesday all! Today I just wanted to give you a few ideas using your fx dialog box, also called Layer Styles. Probably most of you have used a style. Did you know that you can create your own? In PS 5, double-click on a layer you want to add an effect to. The Layer Styles box pops open. It will default to the blending mode controls. On the left you will see what kinds of effects you can use. Click in the check box to add the default settings to your layer. But, wait a minute... what if you want to customize the style? Well that's simple...

Click on the title of the style- for instance, Drop Shadow. The right-hand side changes to the settings for drop shadows. You can adjust them however you want. If you want to change the default settings to your current settings, click on "Make Default" so that you can keep those settings for the future.

If you only want the settings for the current layout, you can copy and paste the style to different layers by right-clicking on the fx symbol in the layer palette.

Let's say you want to save several layer style options combined to use over and over. Once you have adjusted all of your settings, click on "New Style..." You'll name your style and then voila! You will be able to use the style in the future! How cool is that????

Monday, October 11, 2010


I am sure many of you have seen the pink ribbon around and the talk of Breast Cancer. Maybe know some one or yourself with breast cancer. I felt it was important to post about it this week. I myself am a 1 year and 4 months Breast Cancer Survivor. I have 3 young children that had to go through something that children shouldn't have to go through. Watching their mom go through chemo and surgeries. So many woman are going through Breast Cancer and we really need help to find cures and to help educate young people. I thought I would post some sites that we could help even if it's a small thing like one click, everything helps.
I like this one Cat nap for a cause.
Save lids
There are so many ways to help out.
There is a contest going on with a breast cancer mini kit and layouts need votes.
Other ways to help is making positive cards to help someone get through chemo. It does help. Even a mini book of positive sayings they can take to chemo with them to read when it gets tough. You can use one of Kiki Halberts kits to help with that. I like Burst Into Spring
It's a beautiful kit.
Thanks for reading and thanks for all you do to help others with BC.
Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strolling through the galleries

Hi everyone, CT member Melissa here showcasing layouts with Kiki's products at Scrapbook-Elements.

I am such a sucker for a sunset, so this layout by liv4god4evr jumped out at me immediately:
I love how the simplicity of the layout and the placement of elements lead the eye to the beautiful photo. It's the perfect fit for Kiki's Beauty and Grace.

This soft and sweet layout by TiggerRD uses Bubblegum Classic kit. The glittery swirl is just the perfect touch with all those flowers!

And last, but cwertainly not least, all the scalloped papers cut from Neopolitan Sundae make for such a creative background in this layout by keesahobrien.
I hope you are inspired by this stroll through the gallleries with me!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Super Saturday Stretch and Inspiration

Welcome back to the blog and OCTOBER! Can you believe it is here already? October is a huge month when it comes to holidays and events. Here is a short list along with some ideas for things to scrap:

Adopt a Shelter Animal--have you adopted or rescued an animal? Create a layout of the pet/pets you have brought into your family.

Computer Learning--all of us had to start somewhere, what was your first computer or computer experience?

Family History--do you have royalty? Outlaws? Who is in your family history file- that you haven't yet created a layout for???

National Apple Month--my friend is growing apple trees and keeping a log of their growth. We had an apple orchard near us as kids. We would make and can applesauce, bake apple dumplings and pies and drink apple cider.

National Clock Month--do you have an old grandfather clock? How about a clock tower in town? Have you ever been to Big Ben? Lets see those clocks in a layout!!!

National Pizza Month--we like to have pizza nights and this reminds me that I need some photos next time for one of those everyday/week layouts. When do you have pizza? Every Friday? Once a month? Football games? Never? Let us know.

It's also Popcorn Popping month so get out those poppers and design a page all about your love of all things corny!

All of us are so lucky as the first week of October is American Craft week--I plan to use that to my advantage and get some presents and items for craft fairs finished.

It is also fire prevention week. We like to take this week, as homeschoolers, and discuss our fire escape plan and run a couple of drills. Have fun with it and take photos!

The first Saturday in October is Make a Card day--make a digi card and send it to a friend!!!

Do you remember Captain Kangaroo? Was he part of your morning getting ready for school? Make a layout in memory of Captain Kangaroo which aired on October 3rd, 1955 for the first time.

What about Sputnik? Now I wasn't around for this, but it launched October 4th 1957! Wow!

I did however work for McDonalds for a couple years. Ray Kroc, the founder of the company, his birthday was always celebrated -- October 5th. Do you have any fond memories of McDonalds?

October 11th is Columbus Day, Eleanor Roosevelt's birthday, and Thanksgiving in Canada.

October 15th is National Grouch Day (that could be a fun one....) as well as National Poetry Day...maybe write a poem about a grouch you know?

October 16th is Sweetest Day

October 19th is when the first electric light-bulb was demonstrated by Thomas Edison --I think I need a layout of why I love my light-bulbs so.

October 25th was Pablo Picasso's birthday --create a layout in Picasso style! (think how fun that could be with pieces parts of faces and places....lots of possibilities!)

Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty? I hope to go someday. October 28th is her birthday!

Don't forget October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. In fact, Kiki's newest kit, Burst into Spring has the perfect colors to complement a layout for Breast Cancer Awareness. Be sure to check it out!

See you next week!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hybrid Thursday with Sharon

Hi everyone. My name is Sharon and I am thrilled to be part of this wonderful community and to have the opportunity to share with everyone. I am a traditional scrapbooker who is making her way into the digital age and combine paper scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking Since joining Kiki and her team, I have gotten so much support. My first venture into digital is using some elements from Kiki's newest kit "Burst into Spring" (a collaboration with Siamese Studios). This kit is absolutely beautiful!! She has a butterfly that is gorgeous, so I printed and cut it out. As a paper scrapbooker, I had to add glitter!!!

kiki butterfly

The papers in this kit are so cute, I had to try them, so I printed up several pieces to make an embellishment. I took a Martha Stewart daisy border punch and pieced it together to create this flower:


I added them to my layout and I think they made such a nice addition.

a new school

Don't be afraid to experiment! Once you see her designs and her new kit Burst into Spring, you will be amazed. I know I was. Kiki is celebrating her 4th year as a designer and she has specials and challenges, so check them out here on her blog!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wednesday Recipe- White Chili

Good morning!  Happy Wednesday, Faye here bringing you a new favorite of mine, especially on these cooler days in my neck of the woods: White Chili!

A dear friend turned me on to this a few weeks ago, and I just can't get enough of it!  I opt to use chicken in mine, but you could omit the meat and use water instead of stock, and have a very nice vegetarian/vegan version!

I did something a little differently today, and "scrapped" the recipe using one of my favorite Kiki kits, Snowberry Punched Up!

Can't read the pretty card?

You will need:
2 cans of great northern white beans
2 pounds boneless/skinless chicken breasts
1 white chili seasoning kit (I use one called Carroll Shelby's, and it's available right at my little local grocery)
3 cups chicken stock or water
1 onion
2-3 cloves of garlic

cube your chicken into 1/2" pieces, dice your onion and garlic
brown chicken in oil, then saute your onion and garlic, put together with stock/water and seasonings
bring to a boil, lower heat and cover, simmering for 15 minutes
remove cover, add drained beans, simmer on low for another 15 minutes to thicken

I like to serve mine over tortilla chips, and top with shredded cheese.  I also like to add a dollop of sour cream when I serve it.  This is SUCH a tasty treat, all three of my kids even enjoy it without complaint!!

I hope you'll give this a try!  Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Scavenger Hunt for an Amazing Prize!!

Can't read the pretty ad?

Kiki Halbert Designs, also known as Recherehé by KH Designs, is proud to celebrate her fourth year as a digital scrapbooking designer!  As a part of this celebration, we are going to play a game of Scavenger Hunt! It's really quite simple. You locate and correctly identify the kit used to create each of the six swatches. Then you email your answers to:  You have until Sunday at 6pm EST. All correct answers will be put into a drawing for the grand prize of FOUR kits/products of your choice (from either/both shops)!!  What an amazing prize!!  You can find Kiki's shops here:

Using your keyboard to help you scrap!

If you are using Photoshop to scrap your layouts, here are a few keyboard helpers for you.

  • When you are dragging one layer to a new image, hold down the shift button and the new layer will be centered. This is useful when you are using templates and you need to clip a paper to a shape in the template.

  • Say you want to create a text path on your layout. You are currently using the fill tool. Hit the "P" on your keyboard and you will activate the pen tool. When you are ready to type on your path, hit the "T" to change to the type tool.

  • Finally, when you want to draw a straight line with the pen tool, you can create a straight line by making an anchor point and then another while holding down the shift button on your keyboard. The line between the anchor points will be straight!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Halloween Decorations

Hi everyone. Today is Fun Day with Mary :)
Do you have your Halloween stuff up? I was looking for some idea's for decorations this year and here are some fun things to try.
This one I can't do I have kids and cats but what a great idea.
I like this spooky house idea. LOL this one is funny. Oh I love this door decorations but don't have the doors for it.
This link has some videos
Here are some craft ideas for kids to help make.
I hope these give you some ideas.
I just want to remind you about the Designiversary template challenge going on. What a great template it is and just two posts down from this one. What a fun week this is going to be. Many Congrats to Kiki Halbert celebrating 4 years as a digital designer. She Rocks!!!! Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Designiversary Party : Recipe Challenge

Ciao girls!!!!
We continue with the celebration of our dear Kiki DigiAniversary #4 party!!!
Wendy here, little late to bring you a fun challenge, hope you follow us and have so much fun!!!!!!

Please leave in this comment section the link of the gallery you upload your LO to participate in the recipe challenge.
Don't forget the Code Hunt in our blogs there's an incredible 60% off for one of you! And the other amazing discounts at FPD and SBE

*On my to LO's in used the "Burst into Spring" collab kit from Recherche by KH Design and Siamese Studio*

Code Hunters, See Here!

Good evening, code hunters!  We are on a little bit of a 'detour' with the code collection tonight!  We wanted to make sure that you got every one of the letters so that you can work on unscrambling them as soon as you have collected them all!

Today's letter is:
Keep checking the team blogs, picking back up tomorrow, for the rest of the code letters!

If you missed yesterday's, you can pick it up here.  And if you're coming into it late and need the list of team blogs to stalk, you can find that here.

Happy hunting!

My Favorite Chicken Recipe

Good morning! Faye here to share with you the most delectable (and simple!) chicken recipe I have ever tried. Someone shared this with me last year, and I have been eating it every few weeks ever since! It's called "Ranch Chicken" and you make it in your crock pot.

All you need are two simple ingredients: Chicken, and Ranch Dressing Mix Powder.

Now, I prefer to use bone-in and skin-on thighs for this meal, however, you can use any cut you prefer. If you use boneless/skinless or breast meat, however, you will need to add a little bit of water to your crock pot to avoid any drying/burning issues (not much, maybe a quarter to a half a cup.)

I buy the family-pack of chicken (as I am feeding 3 adults and 3 children minimum!) and using the thighs, I pay $5 or less, so this meal can be extremely cost-effective. I also use Hidden Valley Ranch powder, however I have tried generic brands and they do quite well also, I just happen to prefer the flavor of the Hidden Valley brand. Whatever brand you choose, though, will not affect the recipe.

For a 'regular sized' pack of chicken (1-1.5lb) you can use half a packet of Ranch Powder, but I like to use the whole thing. For the "family sized" pack, I use two packets, but you can get away with just one.

Simply layer your chicken in the crock pot and sprinkle the powder over it evenly. With the 'family sized' pack you will have a couple of layers, that's absolutely okay. Here's how mine looks:

Pop the lid on and let it go, 4 hours or more on High, or 8 hours or more on Low. No stirring or fussing with it required.

When it's done, it will look something like this:

Now, at this point I like to lift the chicken out onto a serving tray and drain the liquid. I use it to make a side-dish of rice. This is why I like to use the thighs, and skin-on/bone-in meat, they make better 'juice'. The more 'juice', the more flavorful the rice. This is strictly optional, especially if you're watching your waist, but it is absolutely delicious!

Add a veggie or two, and you have an amazing, delicious, super simple and cost-effective meal! It will quickly become one of your favorite 'comfort foods'! Enjoy!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Designiversary template challenge

Hi everyone! CT member Melissa here, with the designiversary template challenge.

Download the template here (.tif) or here (.psd) and create a layout with it. Upload your layout to your favourite gallery and leave a link to your layout, as well as your email address in the comments section of this blog post.

Deadline: Friday 8 October, 23h59 EST.

Everyone who posts a link to their layout by the deadline will be entered into a random drawing for one kit or product of their choice . If you use any products by Kiki Halbert Designs or Recherché by KH, you will get 2 entries into the draw.

(Credits: Recherché by KH - Bright Skies Ahead)